Reflection on From Print to Pixel


We were asked to read and write a reaction to the latest report from Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up 2015 Annual Report – “From Print to Pixel: The Role of Videos, Games, Animations, and Simulations within K-12 Education“. I found that this report was very eye-opening, as I did not realize just how significant videos and games could be in the education space. The data provided on student and teacher usage, as well as examples of ways these technologies could be used in the classroom, were very informative and useful.

There are 3 major ways I believe this report will help me plan my future instruction:

  1. The incorporation of interactive gaming in the classroom. I had honestly never seriously considered using gaming in the physical classroom – it honestly seemed like it was counterproductive to focusing in school. However, after reading this report I have learned that I was so wrong! If the proper game is used, it can be a wonderful learning tool which can teach students about a subject, test what they have learned, or enhance their interest in a given subject.
  2. The idea of using simulations for certain subjects, such as science. I truly had never thought of using simulations as a tool in an elementary classroom. I always thought of simulations as being used for situations such as training for the military or learning to drive. Once the report mentioned how simulations can be used for a subject such as science, it opened my eyes to the opportunities simulations provide!
  3. A greater use of videos in lessons. I knew that I would be incorporating videos in certain lessons and class discussions, but I did not realize just how useful these tools can be to enhance student interest in the topic. Instead of simply creating a lesson then adding a video that goes along with it, I may base some lessons around useful videos, such as with BrainPop.

I greatly enjoyed this report, and I am definitely looking forward to incorporating what I learned in my future career as a teacher!



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