Podcasting and Usage in the Classroom


For my computers and technology in the classroom course, we were asked to listen to an education-related podcast on BAM! Radio Channels, a site offering podcasts in many different subjects. I decided to listen to “A Crash Course in Teaching with Apps that Align to Bloom’s Taxonomy“.

This podcast featured an interview with a teacher, Monica Evon, who utilizes specific apps in her classroom which align with each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Some of the apps covered in the podcast include, Explain Everything, Front Row, DreamX, and 30 Hands. Through the use of 1 to 1 ipads in the classroom and these apps, she has found that student engagement, learning, and on task behavior has significantly increased.  If you are interested in learning more, Evon has a blog titled IPaddling Through Fourth Grade, where she shares information on using apps and iPads in the elementary classroom.

Upon listening to this podcast and reading up on podcasting in general, our professor asked that we decide whether or not it is something we would be interested in using for professional learning in the future. Before listening to the above mentioned podcast, my answer would have likely been no. I have never really enjoyed podcasts in the past, and I would always dread it when my undergraduate college professors would ask us to listen to them for a course. However, I was pleasantly surprised while listening to this podcast since it greatly relates to my future career as a teacher and offered fun solutions to elementary classroom teaching. I feel like I learned a great deal from it, and it opened my eyes to new ideas for my future classroom!

When it comes to podcasts, I believe it all truly comes down to relevancy and value of information to the listener. If an individual finds the right podcasts which speak to their interests and career goals, then I believe podcasts can be a very valuable professional learning tool! The same goes for using podcasts in the classroom – if a teacher wishes to use podcasts in their teaching, they should ensure that the information is both relevant and valuable to the students before including. For example, the teacher described in “Listening to Themselves: Podcasting Takes Lessons Beyond the Classroom“, allowed students to actually record a podcast of their learning themselves – pretty neat!




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