Review of Prezi


For my Computers and Technology in the Classroom course, I have been asked to review an education-related technological resource. When I saw that Prezi was an option, I quickly chose this creation site as the subject of my review. Having previously studied and worked in the professional business setting, we were regularly told not to use Prezi and to only use PowerPoint for business and professional presentations. Whether or not this is true in the business setting is a debate for another time. For now, I would like to look at how Prezi works in the classroom and educational setting

Through my web searches and research on the subject, I found a wonderful Prezi presentation which highlights the benefits of using Prezi in the classroom specifically. It also includes ideas for using Prezi in the classroom, as well as the potential drawbacks of the tool for students. This video is a great overview of how Prezi works (and at times – may not work as well) in the classroom. Take a look at the presentation here on the Prezi website!

In summary from the above linked video and taking some time to use the presentation tool on the Prezi website myself, I believe that this presentation tool is a great resource for teachers. Going beyond the fact that it is very interactive, user-friendly, collaborative, and fun – it is much more accessible for students than PowerPoint because it is free and can be accessed anywhere that has internet!

For those interested in using Prezi, there are pricing plans available as well as teacher and student discount plans available for those who want privacy and greater storage of their Prezi Presentations. There is also a free option, which means that your presentations will be publicly viewable, searchable, and reusable. Unless your presentation has some sort of confidential information, this is a wonderful option because others will be able to learn from and be inspired by the presentations you create! I really like that Prezi has created a community of learning through this shareable platform and I look forward to using it in my future career in education!

For those of you brand new to Prezi, I have included a video below which explains how to use the tool!




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