Review of Getting Smart Blog

getting-smart-banner-4Throughout my Computers and Technology in the Classroom course this summer, I have decided to follow the Getting Smart Blog. I chose this blog because it promotes personal digital learning and how a shift to this form of education could mean a chance for quality education for all – not just in the United States – but around the globe! The blog covers many different topics in the digital learning and educational policy field including events, books, reports, and trends in field.

I really enjoy reading this blog for three key reasons:

  1. Many posts have step-by-step tips and tricks for educators which makes it much easier for the reader to absorb the material. For example, 5 Tips to Kickstart Your Classroom Technology Integration is an easy read which recommends useful tips to integrate technology in the modern classroom.
  2. Certain posts are very specific and could be incredibly useful for teachers looking for solutions to situations they are trying to address in their classrooms. For example, Supporting English Language Learners with Next-Gen Tools would be incredibly useful for ESL teachers, as well as teachers of general education classrooms with ESL students.
  3. There are posts about the over-arching global education community and general educational policies which can keep educators up-to-date on what is happening in the big picture in the education field. For example, Getting Smart on Global Education and Equity discusses how students not only need to gain specific skills for the global job market, but also need to gain abilities related to communicating across cultures effectively. The post even links to a wonderful resource which provides more details on the subject if the reader is interested in learning more.

Overall, this blog is a great tool for educators of all subjects and grade levels and it provides quality content on a variety of interesting topics in education. I look forward to following along with the Getting Smart Blog throughout the course of this summer semester and beyond!


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